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Losing a baby is an immense and deeply personal grief.

If you're weary of dwelling in darkness and seek to move beyond feelings of bitterness, anger, or loneliness following a loss---shedding any unhealthy emotions that may jeopardize relationships with yourself and others...

You can find comfort and healing in our Baby Loss Healing program

Benefits of Joining the Program

At OverSoul Vibration™, we understand the profound pain you are experiencing and are here to support you on your journey towards healing and peace. Our Baby Loss Healing package is designed specifically for parents who have lost a baby. This 6-week comprehensive program offers a blend of: personalized hypnotherapy, NLP sessions, energy healing, and group healing meditations to foster a nurturing environment for your emotional recovery.

  • Personalized Hypnotherapy

  • Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) Sessions

  • Tailored Energy Healing

  • Group Healing Meditations

  • Supportive Community

  • Additional Resources

What To Expect From The Program

This is what you will be getting when you enroll in the program

Experienced Coach

Our personalized sessions will be conducted by a highly intuitive energy healer, coach, and mentor

Angel Baby Messages

Learn to create space for your angel babies and receive their messages and love

Grace & Self Love

At the end of this program, you will instantly notice improvement in your relationship with self and others

Achieve Emotional Resilience and Peace

The Baby Loss Healing package will help you:

  • Build Emotional Resilience

  • Develop inner strength to navigate through your grief and find hope again.

  • Attain Peace of Mind

  • Experience deep relaxation and calm through guided hypnosis and meditation.

  • Connect with a Supportive Community

  • Share your journey with others who understand your loss and find collective healing.

  • Embrace Personal Growth

  • Learn powerful tools and techniques to shift negative patterns and embrace positive change in your life.

    What's Included

    Weekly 1:1 Holistic Coaching & Healing Sessions (60 minutes each)

    Personalized sessions tailored to your unique needs to help process grief, reduce anxiety, and foster emotional resilience.

    Weekly Group Energy Healing, Meditation, & Live Q&A (60 minutes each)

    Join a supportive group meditation that enhances your healing through shared experiences and collective energy.

    Personalized Support Materials

    Guided Meditations. Access to recorded meditations for continued relaxation and healing at home.

    Healing Journal. A specially crafted journal with prompts and exercises to help you process emotions and track your healing journey.

    Exclusive Community Access

    Membership to a private support group where you can share experiences, receive encouragement, and connect with others on a similar healing journey.

    Work With Me 1:1

    Meet Daisy May Reyes: An Intuitive Guide on the Journey of Healing

    Daisy May serves as a Soul Healing Guide and Angel Baby Messenger at OverSoul Vibration™. Her profound gifts emerged from a challenging personal path, where she found resilience and grace following two early miscarriages. Through this journey, she reconnected with her Soul and the precious souls of her angel babies.

    Daisy May then learned to stop living in survival mode and start living with more grace.

    After this transformative experience, she discovered her genuine calling--establishing a sanctuary for women who have endured great loss, enabling them to rediscover themselves and reconnect with their departed loved ones, awakening their joy, passions, and dreams.

    Daisy May is an expert in energy healing and mind-body-soul transformation. She focuses on establishing mindful boundaries, conducting guided meditations, and connecting with the deeper parts of yourself that seek inner peace and reconnection with your soul, departed loved ones, and angel babies in the afterlife.

    Daisy May Reyes, CCHt, PNLP, TT

    Soul Healing Guide and Angel Baby Messenger

    Work With Me 1:1

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    After Working 1:1 With Daisy May

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